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A franchise’s strength resides in its ability to offer quality service that exceeds client expectations as its network continues to grow.

From hiring recruits to promotions, franchising is based on an internally unified competency and protocol business model. In the name of equality, collaboration, and to harmonize service practices, employee training plays a vital role in achieving these goals.

As your network continues to grow, Didacte helps you manage the growth of your franchise and human capital with its flexible and accessible platform. Efficiently share your mission, values, and vision with your team. Facilitate the implementation and communication of operational protocols, while keeping an eye on the overall engagement of your employees on any given territory.

We grow with you

Didacte evolves at your pace. Don’t let business growth hold you back. An annual Didacte business license allows you to use our system, without any restrictions or limitations. Manage everything with ease; from personnel changes to new sales points, you can take care of it in just a few minutes. No growing pains here!

Harmonized practices

Regardless of your location, it’s crucial to ensure that training, protocol integration, and resource exploitation, is always standardized. Make sure that the quality of your services is on point from end to end, from one service point to another. Equip your human resources experts with the tools required to develop a strong team.

Adapted to your internal structure.

Didacte allows you to focus on select user groups when it comes to training. Quickly train your management team with ease via the private courses, train your front-line employees following new product or service launches, and keep your sales team informed of promotions to come.

Bring together

Integrate Didacte to your HR structure to focus on employee engagement. With the right metrics and resources on hand, you can make informed decisions that capitalize on your employee’s knowledge, interest, and competencies. Now, that’s the key to success.

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