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Deliver online training simply and cost-effectively in the interest of sales performances and brand integrity

Deliver online training simply and cost-effectively. Ensure consistency throughout your business by training staff on operating procedures and brand values.

Educate your entire workforce on your new available products in no time. Test, validate and track your advisors’ expertise through online quizzes.

Content can also be provided to external relationships to provide knowledge and best practices to support growth and strengthen the relationship with your organisation.

Didacte provides the ability to invest in your employee’s knowledge and reduce the cost of training. It requires no technical knowledge to manage and all it takes is a few minutes to get started.

Continuous education obligations

The law obliges your advisors, for concerns of good practice, to complete a minimum amount of training hours in a given period.

Contribute to honing your member’s skill set with easily accessible online training, hosted on your very own branded platform.

Certification management

Configure your Didacte platform to better represent every CE credit provided with each certification.

By using tests and quizzes, automate the released progression of your CE credits to allow your members to scaffold as they build upon their knowledge.

Beyond borders

Don’t limit yourself to urban city centers. Good practices know no boundaries. Offer a complete repertoire of courses and documentation to your entire advisor base. Even those living in more distant and rural regions can benefit from your expertise.

Preparing the future

Attract the best advisors in the business under your banner with the help of a centralized expertise hub. Your members will have easy access to learning material, which in turn will help both your profession progress and your workforce.

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