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Control your professional association’s credibility and integrity by keeping your members up to date and in the know.

Your organization must conform to various regulations, as well as professional codes and ethics, to maintain the highest quality standards possible and preserve the credibility of your profession.

Online training allows you to easily communicate with your members regarding any changes or additions to your protocol or operational processes to keep your practice and team compliant at all times. Standardizing your practice also means that you actively contribute to protecting both, your members and the public. The integrity of your association is thus secured, thanks to your commitment to ongoing training.

Mandatory training

The law obliges your members, for concerns of good practice, to complete a minimum amount of training hours in a given period. Contribute to honing your member’s skill set with easily accessible online training.

Certification management

Configure your Didacte platform to represente your certification structure. By utilizing tests and quizzes, automate the released progression of your units to allow your members to scaffold as they build upon their knowledge.

Beyond borders

Don’t limit yourself to urban city centers. Good practices know no boundaries. Offer a complete repertoire of courses to your entire member base. Even those living in more distant and rural regions can benefit from your expertise.

Preparing the future

Group the best instructors in your field under one roof to centralize your expertise. Your members will have easy access to learning material, which in turn will help your profession progress.

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