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A knowledgeable employee is a performant employee. Empower your staff members to succeed, and they’ll do the same for your business.

Keep your employees in the know and up-to-date when it comes to your latest arrivals and newest products so that they can promote them with ease. With online training, you can allow your employees to learn about the various roles within the enterprise, making them that much more valuable to your team.

From client success to cash register usage, ensure that your employees can count on one another in times of need. Educate and inform your employees about your corporate values and mission, and provide your sales team with the tools required to make that shopping experience extra special.


Didacte’s online training platform allows your business to efficiently bridge gaps within your team, in a way that’s optimal for you and your employees. With an overall glimpse into each resource’s learning path, you can empower them to thrive within your business environment successfully.


Your employees are at their best when they’re in their environment. Don’t sacrifice those precious sales and valuable customer service hours for group training sessions. Allow your employees to train anytime, anywhere. Give your employees access to self-training, and you’ll also gain insight regarding their engagement levels and the mobilization of resources.

We grow with you

Didacte evolves at your pace. Don’t let business growth hold you back. An annual Didacte business license allows you to use our system, without any restrictions or limitations. Manage everything with ease; from personnel changes to new sales points, you can take care of it in just a few minutes.

Adapted to your internal structure

Didacte allows you to focus on select user groups when it comes to training. Quickly train your management team with ease via the private courses, train your front-line employees following new product or service launches, and keep your sales team informed of promotions to come.

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