Terms of Sale

Table of Contents

  1. Acceptance of the terms
  2. Statement
  3. Plans, pricing, and payment terms
  4. Switching plans
  5. Renewal
  6. Termination
  7. Legal disclaimer
  8. General provisions
    1. Modification
    2. Translation
    3. Business entity
    4. Survival
    5. Miscellaneous concerns
    6. Support

Acceptance of the terms

The terms of sale stated below (hereinafter, the “Terms of Sale”) govern the use of the https://www.didacte.com website and of the training platform (hereinafter, the “Didacte Platform”) accessible through the website (hereinafter, considered together and collectively, the “Website”) by direct clients of Didacte who offer training resources through the Didacte Platform (hereinafter, the “Instructors”). As any use you will make of the application is contingent upon your acceptance of these Terms of Sale, we require that you peruse them thoroughly.

By checking the box labeled “I accept the Terms of Sale”, you confirm and acknowledge being bound by said Terms of Sale.

The general terms of use which apply to all users of Didacte applications (hereinafter, the “Users”) – namely the Instructors and users of the website who benefit from the training (hereinafter, the “Other Users”) are supplementary to these Terms of Sale. You will find them at https://www.didacte.com/terms-of-use (hereinafter, the “General Terms of Use”).


The Website was designed to be used by the Instructors on a strictly commercial basis. Hence, by accepting these Terms of Sale, you represent and warrant that you are not a natural person who intends to use the Website for any purpose other than to conduct business activities.

Plans, pricing, and payment terms

All available membership plans are described on the Pricing page of the Website.

Depending on the plan you have selected, certain management fees may be charged on sales carried out through Didacte – to which will be added the management fees associated with credit card payments (which are collected by Stripe at the moment a sale occurs and are adjusted according to the then current Stripe pricing scheme).

If you are a resident of Canada, standard sales taxes shall apply to management fees as well as to the price of your monthly or annual membership plan.

Management fees are levied automatically whenever a sale is confirmed. Monthly and annual membership plans are paid by means of a cheque, credit card, or wire transfer.

Didacte’s pricing scheme may change at any time, without notice.

Switching plans

You may, at any time, request that your current membership plan be changed for one of a superior category, in which case the superior plan shall apply to the remainder of the current term as well as to any subsequent renewal (if any).

Should you wish to change your current membership plan for one of an inferior category, you shall notify Didacte accordingly (i) within the thirty (30) days which will precede the end of your current term and its automatic renewal (in the case of an annual membership plan), or (ii) within the ten (10) days which will precede the end of your current term and its automatic renewal (in the case of a monthly membership plan). In either case, the inferior plan shall come into force and effect at the renewal date.


Upon its expiry, your membership plan shall be automatically renewed for the same term, unless you provide Didacte with a written notice of your decision not to renew said plan (i) within the thirty (30) days which will precede the end of your current term and its automatic renewal (in the case of an annual membership plan), or (ii) within the ten (10) days which will precede the end of your current term and its automatic renewal (in the case of a monthly membership plan). A customer is considered to be in breach of conditions 30 days after his last overdue invoice, therefore 60 days after the initial issuance. In the event of a breach of condition, your platform will be automatically suspended until the open invoices are paid in full.


Provided that such is allowed by law, you hereby waive your right to unilaterally terminate your membership plan according to the provisions of section 2125 of the Civil code of Québec or of any other law, rule, or regulation which may find application.

Legal disclaimer

Should any dispute arise between yourself and any Other User(s), it is hereby stated, understood, and agreed that you shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless not only Didacte but also its associates and affiliates and their respective officers, directors, administrators, employees, and agents) in regards to all claims, complaints, losses, or damages (either actual or consequential) of any type or nature and whether they are known or unknown, directly or indirectly related to the dispute in question. You hereby acknowledge being the only entity responsible for the content you post on the Website and for the consequences it may bring. By agreeing to these Terms of Sale, you expressly waive any conceivable form of protection (whether it be under the law or otherwise) which would in any way limit the scope of this document so only the claims made in your favor or that you already knew about (or suspected) at the time you accepted these Terms of Sale apply under this section.

General provisions


Didacte may amend, bonify, or otherwise modify these Terms of Sale at any time.


Translation of these Terms of Sale or of any related documentation shall only be commissioned in order to comply with local requirements. Should any discrepancy, inconsistency, or contradiction arise between the English and French versions of the text, the latter shall prevail.

Business entity

Should you set up or use an account registered in the name of a business entity, you hereby represent and warrant that you are authorized to act on its behalf and to bind it with respect to these Terms of Sale. In any event, it is clearly understood that any such account will remain, at all times, the sole property (and under the exclusive control) of the business entity.


Sections of this document which deal with matters such as plan selection, pricing, payment terms, exemption from liability, and settlement of disputes shall continue to apply and bind the parties once the Terms of Sale expire or are terminated.

Miscellaneous concerns

In the event where any part of these Terms of Sale was declared invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, it shall either be considered non-existent or construed in a way that renders it valid, legal, or enforceable, without any other part of the text losing its meaning, authority, or binding effect. These Terms of Sale, as they may be amended from time to time, contain the whole agreement concluded between Didacte and the Instructors with respect to its object and purpose. No Term of Sale may ever be modified unless Didacte elects to do so in writing. No Instructor may ever assign or otherwise transfer any of the rights, benefits, or obligations these Terms of Sale bestow upon them.


Should you experience any problem or wish to obtain additional information, please contact us by e-mail at info@didacte.com